Grow S.T.E.P. by S.T.E.P.

The Problems We Solve

You're Paying for Marketing, But Not Seeing the Results
You’re paying for marketing to build brand awareness and generate leads.  But if those efforts don’t result in closed business, they’re wasted. This generally happens for one of two reasons:

  1. The marketing isn’t working, or…
  2. Your internal processes for converting leads into sales isn’t working

Either of these could be due to bad design or poor execution. We will help find the root cause and eradicate it.

Your Sales Process Doesn't Actually Fit Your Company
Maybe you don’t actually have a well-defined sales process, or your company has outgrown it.  You may have bought someone else’s “system” and tried to adapt it to your business, but it doesn’t really reflect your company’s values and principles, internal systems and processes, or capabilities of your current team. We will design a sales processes that utilizes fundamental principles and industry best practices and build a system that is custom made specifically for your business and how you want it to operate.
Your Brand Messaging Falls Flat
What is your company all about?  What value does it deliver? Why should anyone use your products and services? Your brand message encompasses everything from your core values and mission to your value propositions and case studies.  All of these things have to resonate with your target market, or your opportunities are going to be limited and your sales cycle a lot longer than it needs to be. We will help you tell your stories and communicate your value so that you can speed up your sales cycle and save your marketing resources.
Your Targets Don't Know What You Can Actually Do For Them
The greatest brand message in the world is useless if it’s not getting in front of the right people. With all of the different options for marketing your business, however, it can be difficult to choose the right one, and easy to waste money just “trying things out.” We will pick the marketing channels that are the best strategic fit for your business, your target market, and your budget.
Your Sales and Marekting Teams Don't Work Well With Each Other
Your marketing team creates collateral, posts content, and does all sorts of things to generate leads. Sales doesn’t use any of it and spends more time prospecting than closing deals. Marketing blames Sales. Sales says the marketing is weak. Your marketing team may be in-house or outsourced, but in the end you’re burning through your marketing budget with little impact on revenue. You need Sales and Marketing Alignment. We will get your teams on the same page, accountable towards the same goals – increase revenue and new accounts.
Follow-up? What's Follow-up?
All leads will not become opportunities immediately, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad leads. Research also tells us that it takes between 12 and 20 attempts to have a conversation with a decision maker.  However, most people give up after 3! Whether it’s a simple follow-up schedule or a full CRM and Marketing Automation implementation, we will put the systems and processes in place to make sure you cultivate your opportunities to their full fruition.
Your Sales Team Can't (or Maybe Won't...) Close the Deal
Are they talking to the right targets? Do they have the right training? Is there a process to follow? Are they being held accountable to agreed-upon standards? There’s a lot more to closing sales than saying the right thing or practicing objection handling (though those are important, too).  We will make sure your team is talking to the right people, knows what to say, is accountable to closing deals, and has the one-to-one coaching they need to be successful. 
You're Missing Opportunities with Existing Customers and Clients
It’s common knowledge that the most profitable sales are to existing customers and clients.  However, without a solid system for generating repeat sales, up-sells, cross-sales, and referrals, those opportunities are often unrealized. We will put the systems and processes in place to ensure you are adding value and are then able to leverage that value into more business and new opportunities. 

Our Process


Growth of your company requires a solid business development strategy. We first develop and adapt strategies that are tailored to how your unique business operates. The traditional model of “hunting” for business is reactionary and unscalable. Likewise, the modern models of marketing funnels and sales pipelines lead to very isolated, misaligned operations. Our model for designing business development strategies is “The Harvest Cycle.”  It turns out that the systems needed to grow your business are a lot like the systems needed to grow our food.  Just like the way the process of growing an apple is different than growing wheatgrass, each business’s business development strategy will be different.  But they all follow the same fundamental processes.

Plan – We develop the strategy based on your overall business goals, what you’re trying to sell, your target market, timing, and your current capabilities to deliver, and your capacity for new business.

Prepare the Soil (Branding)  – Tilling and conditioning the soil creates a more fertile environment for seeds to germinate.  in business, this is all of the communication and activity that builds awareness, trust, and credibility with your target market.  It doesn’t close sales on its own, but it makes those sales bigger and close faster.

Plant the Seed (Marketing) – Nothing starts growing until a seed is planted.  Sales opportunities start developing once marketing makes an offer and an ask.  The value you can bring to your target and the opportunity to do business is clearly communicated through the most appropriate channel.

Cultivate the Sale – Opportunities have to be nurtured along the way with value-added follow-up activities.  Likewise, they also have to be protected from weeds (distractions), disease (bad reputations and experiences), and pests (the competition).

Harvest (Close) – Crops that aren’t harvested rot on the field.  Without the right processes in place to close on the opportunities generated, all of the cost and effort that goes into them is lost as well.  We design that process specifically for each unique strategy.

Propagate the Sale – Seed from one crop is used to grow the next, bigger crop.  Likewise, every sale you make should make it easier for you to make another sale to the same customer or to a referral from that customer, starting the harvest cycle once again.

Our President and Senior Strategist described our model this way:





More than the generic dissemination of information, we custom-design training programs that create dynamic, interactive experiences that build skills and shift behavior.

To effectively do that requires four distinct steps.





We explain those more in depth here:

Excellent strategies and amazing training are not enough. We provide the ongoing support and accountability that drives execution to fruition using this framework:


The Leading Calibrators in a business.  How well the words used by the people in the business compare to the Core Values, Mission, Vision, and Brand Statements of the company are key indicators of future performance.  We measure and adjust Words used both internally and externally to lead the desired change.


The Lagging Calibrators,  numbers tell a story.  The numbers a business reports and compares to performance goals indicate breakdowns in the systems and ultimately the people executing them.  We help establish financial goals and Key Performance Indicators to monitor progress and maintain accountability.


Symbols are Multipliers of communication, allowing vast amounts of information to communicated very quickly.  We identify opportunities to use symbols within the business to drive behavior and effect change in less time.


Where and how intensely you focus the resources in a business directly effects what results are achieved, how fast, and how well.  We support our clients in determining where their attention and resources should be focused, and for how long, to drive the results they seek.

Our ultimate goal is to embed your initiative into the fundamental culture of how your business operates. Your people just do it. It’s a matter of principle. The principles that govern your business may be unique, but there are some principles that are universal:


Cost is measured in much more than money.  Any business owner that has dealt with difficult customers, suppliers, employers, or investors knows that costs are measured in Energy, Space, Time, and Money.  We make our clients very aware very quickly of what various activities in the business are actually costing it, and then take action to reduce them.


Time is the deepest calibrator of value.  Appreciation, Depreciation, and the Time-Value of assets and liabilities affect a company’s wealth and capitalization.  The timing of various activities affect its cash flow.  We evaluate and monitor both to maximize the generation of wealth and flow now and in the future.


Every business depends on the activities of the people in it to function.  And while every activity incurs cost, not every activity produces value.  We assist in determining which activities are producing the most value and which are incurring the most cost. We then work to continually cut the costs and add value.


The fundamental action in every business activity is Exchange.  Businesses add value with products and services in exchange for money.  Businesses exchange money for Energy, Space, Time, and Materials.  We work with our clients to ensure that as much value is generated as possible for everyone involved.

Our Services

Business Development Strategy Consulting
You have an end goal in mind but are having trouble getting there. We can give you clarity on what needs to be done, guide you through the process,  and in many cases, do it for you.
3D Training - Design | Development | Delivery

We develop and deliver programs that build skills and shift behavior.  Out training programs can be delivered in an hour, or over the course of a year, and can be designed for a single person to 1000+.   We also provide group facilitation services such as Board Retreats and Team Building Activities.

Ongoing Execution Support
Excecution requires a frequency of interaction and accountability.  Our methodology is designed to provide that regular accountability to set goals and standards.  We provide individuals in leadership and sales positions guidance, feedback, validation, and course correction in response to events as they occur.
Partnering Program

Our highest level of service, we support decision through the entire STEP and to take them to the next level.  With your cooperation, we will evaluate the business,  set the strategy, deliver the necessary training, and drive the execution.

We Generate Results for Our Clients