Feedback From Our Clients

Direct Impact on Revenue

During the time I was the Director of Organizational Development at City National Bank in Miami, we used Will Dukes’ services to help our sales force enhance their cold calling skills. Will was a top-notch professional who engaged our sales force quickly and provided the right training for them.

His expertise helped the bank increase their sales ratio through cold calling. I recommend Will to any company seeking to improve the sales skills of their employees with a direct impact on revenue.

Luis Aponte

Result Focused

I took 3 of Will’s classes. The first class was how to concisely say what I do in less than 1 minute to spark an interest. The second was how to conduct a 10-minute presentation with set goals in mind.

Both classes were informative and hands on. The following week I had a presentation using what I learned which resulted in 4 sales and 3 referrals.

He is professional and his classes are result focused.

Always in Awe

Will has strong public speaking abilities, he is articulate, well-versed and eloquent. I had the pleasure of working with him during a team building exercise this past Nov for about 40 people. I was always in awe of Will’s ability to command a room and get people to voice ideaseven with more reserved profiles. I would recommend to work with Will and I look forward to working with him again in the near future.

Michael Stuart Garcia

The Numbers Don’t Lie

I have had the pleasure of working with Will Dukes in regards to my business and I can say with confidence that his leadership and support on how to run, operate, and manage has directly related to a 20% growth in my business, I can directly track back to him from minor changes in my business! I’m glad that we have spent time together and the numbers don’t lie.

Brian Zippin
Zipin Media

A Game Changer – These Numbers are Phenomenal

I own a luxury, boutique fitness studio brand. The flagship studio is located in a highly competitive market, loaded with savvy consumers who expect to experience only the best in fitness. I hired Sales Partners to consult with me on a 3-month engagement when the business was 6 months post-launch. We focused on business-to-consumer sales, and in particular conversion rates of first-time clients to long-term clients.

Halfway through the engagement, I literally watched conversion rates of first-time clients climb from less than 25% to more than 38%. Furthermore, we exceeded 70% conversion rates to long-term membership commitments after clients’ first 30-day trial. In this industry, those numbers are phenomenal.

How did we do it? With the expert know-how of Sales Partners Miami’s Will Dukes. He began the engagement by striving to learn about the business. He took barre classes multiple times per week, he observed the staff, the workflow, the sales process. He acquainted himself with the client experience and then he worked hand-in-hand with my staff and me to tackle pricing, messaging, selling, and branding.

Will had solutions that no one else had. Will has a work ethic and integrity that are second to none. He understands the challenges facing small to medium size businesses and approaches those challenges in a pragmatic and thoughtful way. Will is one of only a handful of consultants I’ve worked with who does not have the need to exercise his ego to amplify his presence. His approach and results simply speak for themselves. Would I recommend working with Will Dukes? Not only do I give him my highest recommendation, I can’t wait for our next engagement.

Julie Jacko
Barre Motion

…35% Increase, and I Acquired New Clients at Higher Prices

The training experience was very beneficial to me and my business. Will helped me see the importance of setting goals both short term and long term.

Some of the accomplishments that occurred for me and my business were – both publications grew, I stuck to the deadlines, expanded my printing services, added a new artist, revisited hiring one of my previous sales reps to help out, started the process to recruit interns and started the process of launching a third publication.

He also helped me stay clear on my mission and vision and not add projects to my plate that were going to distract me from my current goals. The two publications grew from 16-22 pages = 35% increase, and I acquired new clients at higher prices while focusing on the options Will suggested.

I would highly recommend his service to other companies and business professionals.

Jessica Wilcox
Money Clip Direct

For the Last 6 Weeks, I Have Led the Team!

I have been working both in a group setting and individually with SalesPartners for three months now and have been using their various sales strategies to improve my overall performance in the workplace.

When I started, I was brand new to inside sales, but I have seen a steady rise in my production in generating business, setting appointments, and producing proposal requests from my sales leads by using what I have learned in my short time training with our SalesPartner, Will Dukes.

Our team has tripled the number of appointments we set on a weekly basis, and for the last 6 weeks, I have led the team!

I strongly recommend SalesPartners as a quality source for improving overall sales skills and company wellness to any place of employment.

Closed 100% of the Group!

Will Dukes is the best coach ever! The morning of a very important group presentation, I met with Will Dukes who completely changed my way of thinking in a few short minutes. He taught me the four elements of Value/Cost Exchange and how it’s not all about the price of the service, but moreover how my service was able to give clients peace of mind and valued time.

I was so enlightened by this information; I went into my presentation with complete confidence.  From there I was able to, with ease, provide my service to 100% of the personnel in the group, making that a great start to my week. Now and forever that lesson will be with me.

Thanks Will!

From $200k to $1M in about a year…

A big thank you to Will Dukes, for giving me not only the motivation but the inspiration and courage to be a better salesperson without feeling guilty about it!

When you do what you love it’s hard not to want to give everything away for free to your customers. As a result of weekly partnering sessions with Will, I finally realized my company’s true potential in offering value to our customers. My regular sessions with Will helped me, and continue to help me, focus on what is most important both in my personal and professional life.

I highly recommend Will Dukes to any business owner or businessperson in Miami who has been looking for the inspiration to achieve the results they know are possible in their business. Will is warm, caring, and understanding. He genuinely takes interest in the clients that he is working with. You will feel confident having Will as your partner to drive your success.

You don’t have to be a struggling business But you do have to be a business owner who’s ready for a change.

His job is to help you unlock the potential you have to improve your processes, sales strategies, and ultimately your bottom line. A business coach can give you the push that you’ve been needing. Will was certainly my push. It’s important you know that because of Will’s guidance I took my business from a $200K a year business to a $1M business in about a year.

…Doubled Our Proposal… And Closed It!

When negotiating a contract with a new client, Will was instrumental in helping us sell our services for top dollar (twice what we were originally going to propose) by objectively demonstrating the value that we were bringing to the deal. He’s always served as an invaluable sounding board for ideas that lead to our companies’ growth.

Lorenzo De Toro III
De Toro Technologies

We Doubled Collections

When I first started with my SalesPartner, Will Dukes, I felt as if my business was flat-lining. I was stressed about the office overhead and fearful of starting another area of law. I needed a change and was exhausted with the ins and outs of running a business.

For the past 12 years, I have worked in several areas of Real Estate Law. after meeting with Will, I realized I should focus on one area of Real Estate, Community Association law, and give it my all.  Will has helped me to focus and overcome the fear of expanding my business. He also encouraged me to reach out to an amazing mentor.

During our partnering program, he helped me design a unique client-acquisition process built around an educational course that has and will continue to give me massive exposure in the community. His training in delivering the course in a dynamic way has helped add value and differentiate me and the course.

And the bottom line, my collections for November were double what I had collected last November.

Thank You SalesPartners!

An Invaluable Team Member

Will has been instrumental in helping my business succeed over the past four years. He has been able to work with my business partner and myself to repeatedly focus on both immediate needs and long-term success planning. And perhaps most important, Will has become a dear friend and key advisor to our company - he is not someone you hire, he is an invaluable team member.

Kristin Abele
The Found Gen

It Was Awesome!

Will customized a presentation for the entering class of The Honors College and it was awesome! He not only delivered an energetic engaging presentation that made all 300 of them think, but he invited them to step into leadership with courage.

Through his coaching, they were equipped with a wide range of tools that will support their transition into lifelong learners. I highly recommend Will.

...With Grace and Efficiency.

I must start by saying that I am extremely fortunate to have been referred to Will at a very important moment in my life and career. Thankfully, Will was able to quickly understand my challenges and goals and help me develop the strategy(s) necessary to move forward and do so, with grace and efficiency.

Not only is will extremely knowledgeable about business but he is extremely knowledgeable about people, including what drives them to success and what drives clients to buy - the two essential ingredients for business success.

As a result of his efforts my business continues to evolve and my opportunities seem limitless. So bravo, Will and to you for hiring him!

...One of the Best I've Ever Seen.

Will Dukes is a focused and detailed development trainer.  He developed and delivered two days of interactive, dynamic sales training for my company, and his care and delivery of the fundamental aspects of working with a variety of people is one of the best I've ever seen.

I would highly recommend Will Dukes for any person or company that is looking to improve their sales and organizational teams.

Marlon Cavé

...Closed a $1200 Sale by Lunch.

I attended Will's one-day seminar and I have to say, the results were excellent. Not only did I close a $1200 sale by lunchtime, but he also showed me how to tame my "little voice" and use the skills I do have in order to drive sales. His methods are creative, effective, and tailored to work for you.

I highly recommend any business owner to attend and bring along their sales team.

Janette Tarafa
Inspire HR

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